It is with great pleasure that I provide my highest recommendation for Ali Foruzesh who is well known as the best PMI trainer in the country. I am a recent participant in Ali’s project management coaching which I feel was instrumental in giving me the knowledge and confidence to pass the PMP. This training is truly indispensable for someone seeking to further their knowledge in project management. There are a number of reasons why I was pleased with Ali’s coaching and training. However, I think the most impressive aspect was his ability to truly connect with people. He made the coaching process very engaging and utilized a high degree of active learning.  He always takes extra time and sessions to ensure that optimal understanding is achieved and to answer any questions. He frequently assisted me when I had difficulty navigating concepts and ensured that I not only obtained the knowledge but also how to apply it to a variety of situations so that I could fully engage in the project management process. He has truly proven to be an effective mentor for me in the area of project management and his coaching allows me to take my certification test with a high degree of confidence. I can certainly credit a large degree of my success in project management to the efforts and expertise of Ali Forouzesh.