I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Forouzesh, who is a skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive mentor in all PMI concepts and courses.  His continued support and availability of a very comprehensive bank of questions helped me succeed on the PMP exam with a score of "above target" in all three domains (People, Process and Business Environment) that were tested. I'm sure everybody could succeed in the PMP exam by participating in Mr. Forouzesh's PMP course and following his instructions and advice.

دوره pmp را با جناب آقای دکتر فروزش گذروندم. ایشون همه جوره تو طول دوره بچه ها را ساپورت کردند. اینکه کسی دانش موضوعی را داشته باشه و اینکه بتونه آموزش بده اون دانش را دو مهارت متفاوت هست که ایشون هر دو کار را به خوبی انجام میدند. در طول دوره با توضیحات و مثالهای متنوع، انتقال مطالب را بهتر و ساده تر میکنند. ایشالا دوره های بیشتری شرکت میکنم باهاشون و توصیه میکنم ایشون را به دوستان.

The easiest way to describe my experience with Dr. Forouzesh’s training program is clear, objective, and practical. Studying for a PMP test, especially with the new PMBoK Guide 7th Edition changes, takes work. However, Dr. Forouzesh’s wealth of knowledge and experience added immense value to passing the exam and building a solid foundation to succeed beyond the examination contest. And this was proven by my ability to pass the exam on the first attempt with a mark beyond average. I want to take this time to genuinely thank you, Ali, for your efforts and commitment to my professional success.

Dr.Forouzesh is the epitome of a top-notch PMP exam preparation instructor. His deep knowledge and real-world experience allowed him to bring the PMP concepts to life and make them intuitive to understand. He constantly used relatable examples, which made the material more engaging and easier to remember. His continued support and availability for questions, even after the training ended, played a considerable role in my success on the exam. I highly recommend Dr.Forouzesh and his professional team to anyone who wants to grasp the PMP concepts and feel confident on the exam.

برای شرکت در امتحان PMP علاوه بر داشتن اشتیاق و تجربه، عامل سومی هم برای موفقیت لازم و ضروری هست و این مورد چیزی نیست بجز دانش متمرکز. برای قبولی در این آزمون، صرف خوندن PMBOK کفایت نمیکنه و نه تنها باعث رسیدن به هدف نمیشه بلکه مطالب زیاد و سنگین این کتاب انسان رو کاملا نا‌امید و بی‌انگیزه میکنه. جناب آقای دکتر فروزش با توجه به تسلط و تجربه طولانی در این مبحث، موفق به طراحی دوره‌ای شدند که با آموزش قدم به قدم، دستیابی به این مدرک رو تحقق‌پذیرتر کردند. مطالب بحث شده توسط استاد در حین کلاسهای آنلاین، جزوه جامع و کامل، و راهنمایی‌های بدون دریغ و مستمر ایشون بدون شک مهم‌ترین عامل موفقیت من در این آزمون بودند.

Long story short, finally, with the help of Dr. Forouzesh and his team, I took the PMP exam and got my certification. Dr. Forouzesh, with his knowledge of the test method and details, unreserved guidance, and excellent educational content, helped me achieve this success. I want to express my special thanks to him and the Ofoq project management team. I highly recommend them to friends planning to walk on this path.

To get the PMP degree and project management knowledge, you must be familiar with the new changes in PMBOK 7th and apply them in the exam. Mr. Frouzesh's proficiency in the new changes and how to conduct the exam will help you to be a master in the exam in addition to deep learning. I took the PMP certificate with a score of Above Target and highly recommended him to those looking for success in Exam and project management knowledge.

I’m thrilled to write this testimonial for my dear teacher and instructor Dr, Forouzesh. Getting my PMP certification was always a top priority for me as I knew how important it is for anyone who works in the project management field, but it was overwhelming as well considering the required preparation courses, the huge amount of information I needed to study using the main exam source the PMBOK, etc. Now I’m really grateful for the opportunity to know Dr, Forouzesh. I have to say that I passed my PMP exam on the first attempt above target just by attending the Ofoq online course and the handbook with the Ofoq Mock exams. The topics in the handbook are covering all the required information for the exam and Dr, Forouzesh's presentation was extremely professional and clear for everyone to understand. Also, we had Q&A at every session. Also, even after getting my PMP I still go back to the Ofoq handbook for my work. I strongly recommend this course to those looking to pass the exam for the first time with earning related practical knowledge 

I would like to express my thankfulness to Mr. Forouzesh who is obviously, a professional instructor, and a very experienced and supportive mentor in the project management domain. His knowledge made the classes more exciting and inspiring. I would highly recommend his PMP course to all candidates who wish to take the certification with great satisfaction.

Mr. Ali Forouzesh is a professional trainer with deep knowledge in the fields of project management, IT service management & organizational maturity. He guided me through my studies for PMP, and I am delighted to recommend him for his excellence and proficiency in these areas.