As a full-time mother, employee and part-time student, I have achieved good experiences with PMP online course . Having an online course with Mr Forouzesh, makes my life at work easier. I don’t need to leave my job and waste my time commuting between campus, workplace and my house . I don’t need to meet base on regular basis. PMP online course, despite time constraints that my job put on me, gives me a relaxing mind to learn in flexible hours or schedule base on my free time and better efficiency in better outcome . Online learning makes me to be self-disciplined and work well on my own,.Mr Forouzesh has changed the traditional class attendance to virtual class that I have never felt it difficult to communicate with him .I am recommending anyone who is having a plan to pass PMP to take this opportunity to attend to his online classes in private or group. It will give you to explorer a different virtual world full of technical skills, personal and professional skills.